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HSM Student Life Groups

11/15/17 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

(Event ranges from 09/20/17 to 05/16/18)


Student Ministries


If you are a student at CHCC wanting to get connected, come join our life groups! This is a great opportunity to meet weekly in a small group setting and learn more about God’s Word while building relationships with leaders and students throughout the school year. Register online or on our website at


Mariah Wilson


Canyon Hill Community Church
22027 17th Ave. SE
Bothell, WA 98021

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E-1 (Uzbekistan) | E-2 (Mongolia) - Special Needs Classroom | E-3 (China) | E-4 (Ethiopia) | E-5 (Morocco) | E-6 (India) - Not available on Sundays during chur | E-7 (Thailand) - Not available Sundays during chur | P-3 (Penguin) | P-4 (Polar Bear) | P-5 (Dolphin) | P-7 (Camel) | Reception | Upstairs Chapel Foyer/MS Sundays | Upstairs Chapel/MS Sundays

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