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GO GREEN! Use this form to make your donation and/or schedule your giving. No checks, envelopes, or stamps!

Use this form to indicate your 2019 Commitment amount and payment schedule, either a one-time gift, a recurring monthly payment or a recurring quarterly payment.

Statements: Emailing statements save the church $2,000 annually. Please indicate below whether you would like your statement emailed to you monthly or quarterly, or if you prefer to have a hard copy mailed to the address entered above.

Instructions for a One-Time Payment (either 2018 or 2019 commitments):

  • Enter the full amount that you would like to pay in either the 2018 One Time Gift or in the 2019 Commitment box.
  • Click on Give Now at the bottom of the screen to make the payment today or on Schedule Giving to setup another date for the payment to occur.
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    Instructions for a Recurring Payment (either Monthly or Quarterly):

  • Enter the Monthly or Quarterly amount in the respective box. Click on Schedule Giving to setup specific dates.
  • On the next screen, to pay Monthly click on "Once a month on the..." and enter the desired day of the month for the payment to occur. To pay Quarterly, click on "Every xx Months" and enter "4" in the box to indicate a payment every 4 months
  • For both Monthly & Quarterly payments, enter the first date to begin the payments and last date to end payments.
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    Questions? Please contact Gretchen Dowell at 614 488-0681 ext 234.

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