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You are registering for REWIRED MEN'S CONFERENCE 2019.

**NOTE: IMPORTANT UPDATE: Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to attend the Men’s Retreat/Women’s Retreat at Falls Creek. Children ages 14-17 may attend only if accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. The Parent or Legal Guardian must also complete the Parental Supervision Acknowledgment Form.
Some of the presentations given at the retreat may not be suitable for children under the age of 14 and Falls Creek will not be providing staff to properly supervise children on the grounds of Falls Creek. Parents or Legal Guardians that do not provide proper supervision of the child during the Retreat may be asked to leave Falls Creek.
If your church/organization is not listed, please use the blanks below:


THE CONFERENCE BEGINS ON FRIDAY. However, some are driving from great distances to get to Rewired. Therefore, we are allowing arrival on Thursday. There will be an ADDITIONAL FEE for arriving early.
**Please note, there are no activities on Thursday.
**Gates will open at 6:30pm. There will be no entry into the conference center until 6:30pm on Thursday evening.


PLEASE SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS. See below for explanations of the options


**ASSIGN MY LODGING: This means that the Rewired Staff will place you with your church or group in a cabin. You will receive your assignment when you arrive at Rewired to check in. **This is the most common answer.
CABIN OWNED: Your church owns a cabin & that is where you will stay.
CABIN RENTED: Your church has made arrangements to stay in another church's cabin NOT already rented by Rewired.
TENT: Simply. You're staying in a tent on site.
OFF SITE: You're not staying overnight at Falls Creek.
HOTEL: You payed separately for a hotel room at Falls Creek.


If you have mobility issues or need assistance, please indicate it below.


Have you thought about volunteering at Rewired? Volunteers take 2 hours shifts during the conference. Options for service include driving courtesy/handicap golf carts, manning gates, greeting at the doors as well as others.
Click the following link and a new page will open where you will be able to sign-up to volunteer at Rewired 2019: WWW.MENREWIRED.COM/VOLUNTEERS


We'd love to let you know about coming events, opportunities and resources for our Family & Men's Ministries office. This includes special information about Rewired as well as marriage & family.
You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of each message.


**By registering I agree to allow the BGCO Rewired office to release my first and last name only to someone on staff at my church that is listed on this registration.
**Videos and photographs will be taken at the conference. Your registration constitutes permission for Rewired and the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma to use your likeness.


Forms must be completed and turned in when you check-in at Rewired.