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Please note: All volunteers must either regularly attend the Chapel or meet with our Children's Ministry Director to be considered as a VBS volunteer.

If you are part of the Student Ministries Senior Experience, please make sure that, in addition to this registration, you are signed up for the Senior Experience through Student Ministries.

Part 1: General Information

If you are over 18, please skip to Part 3, if under 18 please continue.

Part 2: For volunteers under age 18

Note: If you are a TEENAGER, parent contact information is required.

Part 3: Volunteer Information

Preferred area of Service (check at least three that interest you):

Groups are based on the grade the children have just completed (ex- 3rd grade is children who just completed 3rd grade, etc. Pre-K are those age 5 by Sept. 30)

You will receive your volunteer placement at the time of your selected VBS training meeting.

Note: A nursery and preschool program (3 months to age 4 by Sept 30, 2019) is available ONLY for children of VBS volunteers.

If you are a volunteer with children, please register ALL children online at wcchapel.org/vbs

Thank you for volunteering! You are signed up & will receive a sytem-generated email. Please keep it for your records. You will receive a training session reminder.

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