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Welcome to the GCC online tuition/fees payment portal. The monthly financial commitment is determined by singer's choir assignment.

CONCERT CHOIR: Monthly Commitment is $49.50 every month.

INTERMEZZO CHOIR: Monthly Commitment is $38.50 every month.

PRELUDE CHOIR: Monthly Commitment is $35.00 every month.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS (Due at the 1st of each successive month until further notice)


PLEASE NOTE: An answer is required in each of the choir options below. If you are paying for a child in the Concert Choir, select the payment option of your choice. Then in the Intermezzo Choir and Prelude Choir sections selection the option "I am not paying for an Intermezzo or Prelude Choir Member). You will need to provide an answer for each choir.

To make your final payment, please input your final account balance into the box below.


Completion of this form renders payment for one child. If you have more than one child for whom you are paying tuition, please complete one form for each child before proceeding the "checkout" function.