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Due to the health concerns surrounding Coronavirus, seating is limited and the following guidelines will be required of all attendees at this year's Annual Celebration: Temperature/COVID screening upon entry, masks and social distancing. Thank you for helping us ensure a safe and enriching experience for everyone!

Church Information

ARTICLE III. Constituency: The convention shall consist of Messengers elected by the Southern Baptist churches cooperating with and making financial contributions to the work of the convention during the current year.

SECTION 1. Each church shall be entitled to three (3) messengers for the first 50 members or fractional part thereof, and one (1) additional messenger for each 50 members there above, or major part thereof, provided no church shall have more than ten (10) messengers.

SECTION 2. The churches represented by messengers shall be friendly to this Convention and in agreement with its purpose, work, and with the Statement of Faith in Article II.

SECTION 3. The messengers shall be elected and certified by the churches to the Convention.

Messenger Information

Our church has elected the following individual as a Messenger to the Annual Meeting of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio.