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$60.00 (USD)

Welcome to Georgia Children's Chorus! We look forward to working with your singer(s) in the upcoming season!

If you have more than one child in GCC for the upcoming season you will need to complete the following registration form for EACH CHILD. At the end of the form there is an option to "add another attendee". Select that button and you will be directed to a blank form for the next child. Once the information has been entered for all children, proceed to checkout to pay the $60/child fee.



When accepting membership in GCC, the singer and parent are making a participation commitment based on regularly scheduled rehearsals, published extra rehearsals, published performance dates as well as a commitment to comply with stated behavioral standards outlined in the Chorus Handbook (which is available for viewing on the GCC website at www.georgiachildrenschorus.org)
GCC recognizes that the singer may, from time to time, have schedule conflicts which may prevent them from attending rehearsals or performances. In an effort to minimized the disruption this brings the other singers, we ask that you review the published upcoming season calendar and provide us with a list of scheduling conflicts.


Members of Georgia Children's Chorus are asked to participate in interviews, photography, audio taping and video taping to promote the chorus. Singers are under the supervision of a staff member during the interview/photo session and both reserve the right to terminate any interview, photo, or videotaping session at any time when said activities make any individual uncomfortable.



EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION (if neither parent/guardian can be contacted)

I further state that I maintain medical and/or accident insurance coverage, as follows:

Parent Directory Permission


GCC relies on the parents of our singer's to assist where possible with routine and special projects alike. Please let us know when and where you can assist GCC!