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Note! Please scroll down to complete ALL information requested. Thank you!

Grades K-5:

Please indicate which North or South Campus program is most regularly attended.

Grades 6-12:

Middle School age youth have the option of attending Sunday School at 10:00 am (South Campus), 11:00 am (North Campus) and Sunday evening Crossroads at 7 pm. High School Crossroads meet at 7 pm on Sunday evenings.

To select more than one program, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each selection.

Youth Information:

Please complete the YOUTH section for each child in your family in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade
(Please note, children must be currently in kindergarten to participate in K-5 events)

Youth #1:

Youth #2:

Youth #3:

Youth #4:

Parent/Guardian Information:

Please note: All email addresses supplied will be used for communications. If Parent/Guardian #2 lives in the same household as Parent/Guardian #1, it is not necessary to re-enter the same address information.

Parent/Guardian #1: (Primary Contact)

Parent/Guardian #2:

Parents, only: Any health or medical concerns, including food allergies, for any of your children? Please note child's name with each note.
Parents, only: I(we) give permission for my child/children to be photographed and the photograph to be used by First Community Church.

Middle & High School Parents, only: I(we) give permission for our child(ren) to be transported in First Community Church vehicles for Crossroads related programs. We understand that notification of such transportation will be provided to parents prior to the activity.

Any questions or comments for the program leaders?

Thank You for registering with the First Community Church K-5 and Youth Department!

Please disregard the "Registration Date" that prints on your Registration Receipt.