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= Required

Answer only if selling food items: If you are selling or giving out food items, you are required to secure a City of Houston food permit and present such to the CEO (Registration Booth or email to (theceomarketplace@gmail.com) at least two weeks before being approved.
Without the food permit you will not be able to sell or give away sample food items. Both the city and KBC require it. (if not contact the City of Houston Food Inspection Department at 832-393-5100)

The 'Stand Alone' option is a display only table. Please note, there will be no one at the table to answer questions about your business)

Corner Booths are limited and are on a 1st come basis.

Thank you for supporting Marketplace 2016. Your participation as a vendor will not only showcase your business, product or service it will also provide scholarship money for deserving students.
In a few days you will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail. Please review it carefully as it will contain information about the event and the location assignment for your booth. It will also include a Waiver of Claim form that must be completed and returned to us prior to the event.
If you have questions and need to contact us prior to receiving your packet, please email Chilond Bady at cbady@wvumc.com. Thank you for helping us "Strengthen Our Community."