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Christmas Cash Fund

The Christmas Cash Fund is the Parent-Teacher Fellowship's Christmas gift program. We wish to honor all of our Prince Avenue Christian School faculty and staff, across all grade levels, with a special Christmas bonus, donated by our families.
We are asking you to give generously to the Christmas Cash Fund in lieu of individual or class gifts. By combining your gifts, we are able to provide a well-deserved financial bonus to all the people who so graciously serve our children throughout the year.
Our room moms and grade representatives will not be asking you to contribute to class gifts. Instead, they will encourage you to give to the Christmas Cash Fund so we can provide a substantial gift to each of our faculty and staff.
A list of families who donate to the Christmas Cash Fund will be presented with each bonus gift.

The Parent-Teacher Fellowship of Prince Avenue Christian School wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018!