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Please note: All volunteers must either regularly attend the Chapel or meet with our Children's Ministry Director to be considered as a VBS volunteer.

Part 1: General Information

If you are over 18, please skip to Part 3, if under 18 please continue.

Part 2: For volunteers under age 18

Note: If you are a TEENAGER, parent contact information is required.

Part 3: Volunteer Information

Preferred area of Service (check at least three that interest you):

Groups are based on the grade the children have just completed (ex- 3rd grade is children who just completed 3rd grade, etc. Pre-K are those age 5 by Sept. 30)

You will receive your volunteer placement at the time of your selected VBS training meeting.

Note: A nursery and preschool program (3 months to age 4 by Sept 30, 2018) is available ONLY for children of VBS volunteers.

If you are a volunteer with children, please register ALL children online at wcchapel.org/vbs

Thank you for volunteering! You are signed up & will receive a sytem-generated email. Please keep it for your records. You will receive a training session reminder.

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